“Rhizome” is a collective d.i.y. space for hanging out, socializing, self-organizing, presentations, workshops, discussions, screenings, independent and d.i.y. publishing, exhibitions, etc.


We are creating a place that is:

# autonomous, non-commercial and self-sustainable (we rely on our own resources and those of comrades and friends; the space is maintained through donations, gifts, solidarity and mutual aid; we do not rely on the help of the state or capital, i.e. domestic / foreign foundations, institutions, etc.)

# without a hierarchy (without a leader, domination; we are self-organized, voluntarily engaged and decide on everything together; we are not registered as an ngo or any other formal/legal entity)

# without intolerance, hatred and violence (we want to create a tolerant, solidarity, non-discriminating surroundings, where everyone feels good regardless of our mutual differences; we oppose nationalism, fascism, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia and any expression of hatred towards minorities and/or otherwise oppressed in this society)


We named the space after Rizom Infokioskom from Cluj-Napoca (https://rizominfokiosk.noblogs.org/) which, like many other autonomous spaces, was destroyed in a gentrification wave.

~ Solidarity is our strength ~